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Welcome to SK “Human Resources News and Insights”.

Architect transitioning into Human Resources, I discovered my passion for HR throughout my experiences in project development and relocation activities for expatriates in Brazil, Japan and Switzerland.

I realized that my true work fulfillment and purpose are related to people, their well-being in work environment, their career development and integration. 

Nowadays, I leverage my work experiences in HR, I share my expatriate life path, competencies and skills on recruitment, diversity and inclusion, health and security on workplaces, educational and career development. 

I am glad to share with you HR News and Insights! Enjoy reading! 

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Susan Knodel
Human Resources

Susan Knodel

Architect, I have a solid experience on various architectural projects in Brazil, Japan and Switzerland which allowed me to demonstrate my organisational and multitasking skills, proactive approach and ability to work independently and responsibly, as well as to carry out various tasks and adapt to different environments. I supervised all the stages of projects as well as the follow-up of building sites (monitoring and evaluation) with different professionals. I have worked closely with clients and other core decision-makers. That has helped to improve my client relation and communication skills to enable me to readily identify and resolve customer needs. I am a detail-oriented and keen-problem solving professional, flexible to work with a team, prioritize task effectively and autonomous in project management.

My architect career has been leading me from project design and property management to human resources which allow me to focus on management issues and client-staff relation. Nowadays, I leverage my career experiences on Human Resources Management. I realized that my true work fulfilment and purpose are related to people, their well-being in work environment, their career development and integration. Those activities fit properly to my communication, managerial and organisational-multitasking skills. I am passionate for this dynamic and multicultural work environment. I speak several languages (French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish).